The “EYE SEE” photographic collection by John-John de Lisle begins with the all pervading dark which is gradually permeated by the growing sight and focus of patients recovering from the surgery. The intention is to take the viewer into the experience of recovering eyesight from blindness. 


The setting for this revelation is in Tigray Regional State in Northern Ethiopia, the surgeries are performed at the Quiha Zonal Hospital. The secondary eye care unit is hosted by the Quiha Zonal General Hospital. In addition to the eye health services it is providing at the base clinic, it is also providing an outreach service in which the eye care team travels to outreach sites that have low access to eye health care. Currently they have 10 outreach sites in different districts of the regional state of Tigray. They offer cataract surgery, Trachomatous Trichiasis (TT) surgery, and other major and minor surgeries. LIGHT FOR THE WORLD has been in partnership with Quiha Hospital since 2006.


LIGHT FOR THE WORLD is committed to improving eye health and promoting inclusive education, community-based rehabilitation, disability rights, livelihood and disability inclusion. They pay specific attention to women with disabilities, children with disabilities and more excluded impairment groups within the disability community.

EYE SEE, Genk 2016