The Antwerp port community offered the opportunity to hold an exhibition, “Port of Hope” is a perfect designation for this initiative. It is a safe haven for people believing firmly in a better world. 


Antwerp’s port is also a port of hope thanks to many partnerships with Mercy Ships. This incredible support makes it possible for Mercy Ships to bring hope and healing to the forgotten poor in Africa. 


Mercy Ships is love in action supported by people and organizations in action knowing their social responsibility. Only together we can make a difference!


John-John de Lisle decumented our hospital ship, the Africa Mercy. He made a series of beautiful pictures demonstrating his impressions and feelings. For his first exhibition he printed the images on plexiglass to make everything visible and transparent from different perspectives. On his own, this young and promising photographer selected, combined and produced all these images.

Bert van Dijk, Chairman Mercy Ships Belgium